We are proud to present the set of procedures we follow to ensure that Quality is forefront at every stage:
Our Assessment
Although all the manufacturing units that SAWA works with are ISO 9001/TS 16949 certified, we still carry out our own assessment of each factory, based on Supplier Assessment sheets modelled on those followed in most European countries.
Testing Parameters
Normally we follow the following steps for testing:-
  • Metallurgy
  • Dimensions
  • Surface Treatment
  • Fitment Test
  • Mechanical/Physical Testing (Destructive/Non Destructive)

Any other specific test/inspection as per your requirement.
Your Specifications
We take note of your Product Quality specifications and make certain that these are adhered to at every stage of inspection and assessment of Production.
We develop "Test Sheets" for each product including all technical and inspection parameters. These Test Sheets are used by the factories and ourselves from the sampling to the final inspection stage.
Your Approvals
We send copies of every assessment report, as well as finished samples to you for approvals.
Your Inspection
We also invite your technical staff to be present during the first inspection. This is an opportunity for you to inspect and satisfy yourself about the factory, and to interact with the SAWA Engineers on your specific requirements.
Our Inspection
Though we have multiple inspections at different stages of production, we again conduct a final 100% inspection before shipment, if recommended by the buyer.