"With" is the operative word here
Because SAWA is not just another company securing orders, but acting for you to clinch a deal through high quality outsourcing at competitive prices. Our philosophy 'Safeguarding Your Interests - Protects Ours'.

SAWA's entire system of functioning has been developed with an eye to achieving this.
  • Our core-team has considerable exposure as a buyer in every part of India. We have an extensive database on the capabilities, strengths and limitations of its Manufacturing Units.
  • The headquarter works in tandem with its extensions; the strategically located Regional Representative offices in different parts of India. The technically qualified and well-networked personnel of the offices look after Product Development, Inspection and Co-ordinate with the manufacturing units executing orders.
  • Depending on the nature of each inquiry, whether for a finished component or a component that needs to be developed, we in turn, float inquiries to select manufacturing units from our substantial databases. These units are zeroed upon according to a comprehensive set of decisive factors, including SAWA's own supplier assessment and evaluation of the Units, understanding of various international norms and standards required by our customer.

This modus operandi is as follows:-
Inquiry Received from you, Our Clients
SAWA floats inquiries to manufacturing units on an All India basis
SAWA follows up with all units till quotes are received
SAWA prepares comparative chart of quotations received
SAWA sends the comparative chart to you
You respond to SAWA indicating unit chosen
If asked to, SAWA re-negotiates with the manufacturing unit(s)
You ask SAWA to place order for Development
SAWA Develops "Test Sheets"
SAWA places order for Development and Supply on manufacturing unit
SAWA Co-ordinates till sample Development
You approve the sample and give Production Clearance
SAWA gives Production Clearance to the manufacturer
SAWA Co-ordinates Production
SAWA Co-ordinates Shipments

Each of the stages enumerated above, involves considerable detailing: procedures and checks SAWA has put in place to ensure there are no "last minute surprises: in the course of your transaction with us. We will be happy to go through all finer points of each step with you.