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Buying from India, as with buying from any country, has its opportunities (inexpensive labor, technical specialization and know-how) and its challenges (bewildering diversity of language and backgrounds, lack of information on manufacturing capabilities, unsure of quality standards).

    We Know Our Manufacturers
    We have stood in your shoes. Our core-team has considerable exposure as a buyer in every part of India. We have an extensive database on the capabilities, strengths and limitations of its Manufacturing Units. Experience has taught us that it is not always advisable to contact those manufacturers who are already estalished in the International Market. There are many other technically competent manufacturers that offer a better price, product, delivery schedule and confidentiality of supplies. Over the years, our major success has been in developing such factories for our buyers.

    You Act on Informed Choice
    We give you, the Buyer, a Choice . The vast expanse of India's Industrial pockets is mostly unknown to the Western buyer. With our home-ground advantage, we pinpoint and match them to your requirements, and float inquiries to different factories, obtaining the best possible rates and delivery schedules for you. We present you with comprehensive comparative charts, and the ultimate choice of the factory is yours.

    We extend this facility to you even if SAWA's Associate Manufacturing Units can manufacture your product.

    We keep it under wraps
    We appreciate that the issue of confidentiality is rightly a sensitive one with some of our buyers. They do not like their products displayed in the Indian factory's Website and catalogues. 
    We assure you of secrecy

    We Guarantee
    Whichever factories you choose to buy from, we act on your behalf, co-ordinating with the unit and conducting rigorous quality checks. We undertake ultimate responsibility for your product, and are your final guarantor.

    We Work as you
    SAWA invests time in understand your exact needs and philosophy of business. This enables us to work as your office in India

With the SAWA Sourcing Method, what favours you is our Versatility and Flexibility.

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