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To identify suitable supplier To source competent units on an all India basis, apart from our own base of over 50 Associate manufacturing Units
To check production capacity, quality and capability for exports Factory evaluation, supplier assessment
To ensure that Quality is built into product and manufacturing process To implement Stringent Quality Assurance Procedures
Product development from samples in absence of drawings Reverse Engineering to make necessary drawings, etc.
Report on different sources quoting for an item required Comparative statement on request
To check that correct material and components are used for commercial production Pre-production check, and procurement of necessary Quality Certificates
To check quality at start of production Initial-production check
To check conformity during production During-production check
To test products for safety and performance conformity Safety performance test on production samples
To identify quantity, quality check and marking before shipment Final random inspection
To Coordinate Shipments
  • Clubbing of products if needed for maximum utilization of container space
  • Storage in Warehouse if necessary

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