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Are You Casting Around For The Right Manufacturer ?
SAWA Believes In
Forging Fully Satisfied Customers

The SAWA Group, based in India, has a credible History of procuring for the global market, a wide range of Castings, Forgings, Sheet Metal and Machined Components applicable in various industries. SAWA's ability to out source is further strengthened with its prior experience in co sourcing.
In the past, it has had a Joint Venture with a major German Group.

You are dealing with trustworthy experience.  

Large Network
SAWA has a large base of more than fifty of its own support manufacturers across India. But SAWA also outsources from other manufacturers, products and grades that its associates do not produce. This is possible because our technical specialists and marketing network are geared to screen and present the processes and units that best match your product profile. You are linking up with experts in their field, who know the market inside out: "have an in-depth knowledge of the market"

SAWA lets you choose the most suitable ones from a number of different factories in India We actually submit comparative charts indicating facilities available in each factory, prices, delivery schedules, etc, including SAWA's own support manufacturers.

 Your Choice is based on Complete information.

Matching your Need
SAWA does not insist that you buy from its associate manufacturers, but negotiates the route to customizing the end product to meet your unique needs.

You get what you want.

Yes, It's Confidential
We know that this is a sensitive issue with many of you. SAWA ensures that products you buy are not displayed in the web-site and catalogues of the factories making these for you. SAWA actually signs Agreement with factories incorporating clauses for confidentiality and secrecy of supplies.

Your transcation remain confidential.

SAWA carries out Multiple Quality Gurantee Checks at every stage: Standard, International, Ours and Yours, with a view to meet your criteria of Quality.

We invite you to read our "Quality Pledge"

Your Indian Office

SAWA operates as Your office in India.
Besides ensuring that you get the best deal for your purchases SAWA also.

  • Arranges printing and packaging of your products if required.
  • "Clubs" orders for maximum utilization of container space. Goods produced by different factories are stored in our own warehouse and stuffed together to make full container load quantities.

SAWA understands the needs to save costs on transportation.

SAWA's Customer Base
Our current customer list comprises of large and reputable German, Swiss and Italian Engineering Groups in various Industries including Automobiles and Tractors.

We invite you to send us the "RFQ"

All details requested in the RFQ will enable us to take immediate action

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